All of our wireless plans include everything necessary to activate your GPS Tracker Phone. Our plans include monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and yearly payment options. Minutes and text messages do not rollover. Additional minutes and text messages can be purchased prior to plan renenwal to keep your phone active in the event you exhaust your monthly balance.

EZ Phone powered by T-Mobile


$20 per month
  • 300 Talk
  • 300 Text
  • 4G LTE Data


$25 per month
  • 500 Talk
  • 500 Text
  • 4G LTE Data


$35 per month
  • 1000 Talk
  • 1000 Text
  • 4G LTE Data


$45 per month
  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • 4G LTE Data

Our TOPUP Plans

We have you covered in case you use up all your minutes or text messages before your wireless plan renews. Instantly add minutes and/or text messages by purchasing the appropriate plan. You can also buy additional minutes and/or text messages ahead of time and apply them whenever you need them. The unapplied amount never expires.


as low as $7
  • Starting at 50 minutes


as low as $3
  • Starting at 50 text messages